Who are we

Acceset is founded in 2015 with the mission to transform the mental health scene in Singapore. We look into solutions to improve the mental wellbeing of youths by providing anonymous text-based therapy, and conducting research and training for organisations.

Acceset strives to make emotional support easily accessible to youths while educating them on mental health care, by leveraging on technology as well as qualitative and quantitative research.


To reshape lives, work and society based on a data-driven understanding of mental health issues


To lower the barrier for individuals to accept care and equip the community with the skills and platform to reset lives









Our Services

1. Training Programmes

Our training programmes are structured to equip youths with skills to support and empower others within the community. Our programmes are backed by rigorous research and have also been validated by practitioners in the mental health care industry.

2. Letter writing platform

The platform serves as a safe space for youths to confide about their problems anonymously to a trained befriender. We seek to provide emotional support to youths who may be facing difficulties in life and encourage meaningful conversations.

Our founder

Matt Oon
Chief Executive Officer

I have been a caregiver to my mother who has schizophrenia since I was 7. These responsibilities throughout the years seeded my interest for mental health issues. In the very beginning, being her caregiver inspired me to volunteer to contribute to initiatives supporting the mental well-being of youth between the years 2013 and 2016. In the process of volunteering, I found my passion for innovation and driving social change. I founded Acceset to develop technological infrastructure that can facilitate peer support and measure how the support is improving youth well-being.

Despite the humble beginnings of this project, in 2018, I was awarded the Queen's Young Leader's Award for the company's contribution thus far. We are still in our infancy compared to fellow nominee's established works and I was concerned whether I deserved the award. I remember questioning the basis on which it was awarded to me, especially when I hadn't achieved the results or numbers to evidence its success. Nevertheless, I remember being told,

"We believe in your potential, and the potential of your work."

This has uplifted my confidence and is what guides the culture and hiring practices of the company.

In an interview with TODAY, I share about my relationship with my Mum and how I have grown as a person through my professional work.

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