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How it works

User Journey of a Seeker

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    Sign up for an account here & write in to us anonymously.

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    Be connected to a Befriender who will read & reply to your letter.

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    Receive a reply after a moderator has vetted and approved that befriender's reply is safe.

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    Continue your safe conversation on Acceset for 21 days.

Community Support

Our community of befrienders supporting seekers who reached out for help


You will be talking to a volunteer who has gone through training by Acceset to ensure that they know how to respond appropriately and provide the right support for your problems. The volunteers are of age 17-35 and of any gender.
Although the befrienders have gone through training, they are not medically certified to provide professional advice regarding mental health. However, they are trained to identify signs of distress and they will direct you to a professional if they believe it is more helpful for you.
If you notice that your befriender has been replying to your letters inappropriately, you can drop us an email at postoffice@acceset.com and we will attend to your request. However, the chances of such cases are slim because the replies of the befrienders are checked through by a Moderator, who is a mental health professional before it can be sent out.
Yes, you can. However, do note that if you send in multiple letters, they might not be replied by the same befriender.
You can write about anything! From academic problems to personal identity, we believe that there is no such thing as ‘too small of a problem’. We value every letter you write to us and we will attend to it to the best of our ability!
The 21 day restriction is to ensure that we will have sufficient befrienders at any point of time to attend to new seekers. This is to ensure that every seeker has equal opportunities to write in. You will still be able to send in more letters after the 21 days, but your letters may be replied by a different befriender.

In case you need immediate help

Our platform aims to be a listening ear to provide emotional support. However, it is not intended to be suitable for professional therapy.

If you suffer from a serious mental illness, it is important that you seek help from a healthcare professional.

If you think you may have a medical emergency, please call one of these hotlines immediately.