Our Services

1. Training Programmes

Our training programmes are structured to equip youths with skills to support and empower others within the community. Our programmes are backed by rigorous research and have also been validated by practitioners in the mental health care industry.

2. Letter writing platform

The platform serves as a safe space for youths to confide about their problems anonymously to a trained befriender. We seek to provide emotional support to youths who may be facing difficulties in life and encourage meaningful conversations.

Our partners

Acceset is appointed to the Tote Board Shared Gifting Circle to develop technologies to promote help-seeking behaviour of youth with unmet mental health needs.

Acceset helped to develop e-learning resources and youth well-being studies. Both aim to help tertiary students understand how adverse childhood experiences (ACE) may be linked to mental health issues and understand the prevalence of ACE among tertiary students.

TRF provided pro-bono legal support for a wide range of business functions.

Our partnership with wellcome trust

  • Acceset is very honoured to be part of the network of 30 organisations to be pioneers in the community conducting research on addressing youth well-being. Headed by the second largest independently funded charity in the UK, Wellcome Trust, this community seeks to examine the active ingredients to improving adolescent well-being.
  • Acceset’s partnership with Wellcome was marked by both companies’ initial collaboration on examining the impact of mattering and anti-mattering on the mental well-being of adolescents. In particular, this project focuses on tapping into social resources and interactions to reinforce a sense of optimism amongst the youth population, reinventing and refining the manner in which society thinks and talks abut mental health.
  • This single project only marks the beginning of our collaboration with Wellcome, and we forsee a long-standing partnership between both companies.

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